Switchboard Servicing and Maintenance

Fuji SMBE Harwal Pty Ltd supports its switchboards through a 24/7 emergency call out service available on our main headquarters telephone number, +61-2-9420 7777.

In accordance with our national and global service ethos Staying Connected, Your Reliable Partner we provide global standards of worksmanship and technology applied through our strong foundation of long established and highly experienced local expertise.

Our skilled and experienced switchboard tradespersons deliver a wealth of knowledge in low voltage switchboard design, and an understanding of specific AS and Energy Authority requirements relating to Low Voltage switchboards. All work completed by Fuji SMBE Harwal Pty Ltd complies with Australian standards. All work complies with latest Work Health and Safety requirements. We have strong experience in complying with the highest energy efficiency standards expected in commercial and industrial applications.

All our products including iNTELECT™, iNTEGRITY™ and M-Cube systems are backed by comprehensive service and maintenance capabilities to ensure outstanding reliability in major and critical applications, as well as high standards of energy efficiency.

Our unique iNTELECT™ switchboard system is backed by its own unique teams of highly trained technicians to service and modify this unique technology on site. iNTELECT™ service and maintenance undertaken by SMB qualified technicians maintains the warranty. iNTELECT's™ unique plug-in design means switchgear can be changed quickly, with dramatically reduced down time during shutdowns.

Fuji SMBE Harwal Pty Ltd preventative maintenance including thermal imaging reports that highlight potential issues before they become problems, extending the life of the switchboard. Fuji SMBE Harwal Pty Ltd thermal imaging staff are highly experienced in switchboard equipment, switchboard remedial works, switchboard maintenance works and efficient planning of maintenance shutdowns to minimize disruption.

Switchgear Related Services

  1. Retrofit & Refurbishments
    We assist our clients in technical evaluation of old switchboards in service to ensure a high level of systems availability and to prevent any downtime that may affect the client's operations.
  2. Modifications and extensions
    We engage our clients in projects where switchboards are required to be changed due to new technical requirements.
  3. Preventive maintenance & repairs
    Fuji SMBE Harwal Pty Ltd's maintenance team ensures that all components work safely and reliably and achieve high standards of energy efficiency. With an option of a built-in intelligent system in the switchboard, real-time monitoring of assets can be performed and information can be made available to users. The primary objectives of the maintenance services offered by Fuji SMBE Harwal Pty Ltd is to avoid emergency repairs and to ensure fault-free operation.
  4. Installation & Commissioning
    Fuji SMBE Harwal Pty Ltd provides on-time delivery of the tested switchboards to site, performs installation and conducts Site Acceptance Tests (SAT) to ensure the switchboards are operable at the sites.
  5. Switchgear Training
    Fuji SMBE Harwal Pty Ltd provides users and operators comprehensive training on the design, engineering, operation and maintenance of low voltage switchgear.
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