iNTELECT™ Modular Switchboard System

The award winning design of our flagship iNTELECT™ switchboard system is the result of years of research and development into the most effective design for low voltage switchboards and motor control centres.

This unique product, designed and manufactured in Australia, is a multi purpose design intended for power distribution switchboards and motor control centres.

The iNTELECT™ switchboard system comprises a steel-clad multi-cubicle type switchgear and controlgear assembly for indoor and outdoor installations. It operates on systems up to 1000 volts AC and 80kA fault levels.

Latest versions of our iNTELECT™ range are the proven product of our experience in manufacturing and testing as well as the input from our customers and end-users since iNTELECT™ was first produced in 1992. The system has been constantly evolved to retain leading edge performance with a reliability record second to none.

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iNTELECT™ Modular Switchboard System