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Fuji SMBE Harwal's History

Introduction to Fuji SMBE Harwal Pty Ltd

Originally known as Harwal Electrical Industries Pty Ltd ("Harwal Electrical Industries"), the company was in the business of manufacturing and assembling Low Voltage ("LV") electrical switchboards in the Australian state of New South Wales.

Harwal Electrical Industries and all its assets were subsequently acquired by SMB Group following an extensive search by SMB Group to find a compatible and innovation focused manufacturer of LV switchboards in Australia as part of SMB Group's long term regional expansion plans. Renamed as Fuji SMBE Harwal Pty Ltd, the company was identified as the ideal platform for SMB Group to penetrate the Australian switchgear market.

Prior to its acquisition, the company was already very successful throughout the Australian domestic market and export markets such as Hong Kong, the Middle East, Africa, Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, China, Laos, Papua New Guinea, Kazakhstan and the Pacific Islands.

With a strong history of research and development, the company's products were the subject of numerous patents, registered designs and was awarded the prestigious Australian Design Mark.

Fuji SMBE Harwal has retained and expanded the core qualities of its predecessor and developed them further on the excellent foundation built by Harwal Electrical Industries, which was already one of Australia's foremost manufacturers of LV electrical switchboards.

SMB Group at a glance

Headquartered in Singapore, SMB Group is a leading manufacturer and provider of switchgear solutions in Singapore, with a history that dates back to 1973. The company recently came under the control of Osaki Electric Co., Ltd, which was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange in Japan, following the acquisition of SMB United Limited, the parent company of SMB Harwal Electric.

Better known to be associated with the Construction industry, SMB Group has a client base that spans all industry sectors, including banks & financial sector fittings, telecommunication & infrastructural developments, healthcare & hospital structures, manufacturing & industrial process plants, government assignments such as education & military installations, commercial & residential buildings, mission critical projects such as data centres, food processing & pharmaceutical plants, offshore & marine and oil & gas market applications, and the list goes on.

SMB Group employs approximately 600 employees that support the manufacturing and assembly operations both locally in Singapore and overseas in Australia and Malaysia. Other than the local markets that SMB Group operates in, the company also distributes switchboards overseas to Africa, the Middle East, India and other parts of Asia.

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